Who To Call When You Need Animal Control In Toronto

Bat On A Building

Are you hearing sounds in the night? It probably isn’t ghosts, but could be wildlife that has entered your home and is residing in your attic or basement. It is important to hire a professional wildlife animal control service to remove these creatures from your home. Before hiring a wildlife removal company, it is important to understand these companies are not all alike. Most will use humane methods for trapping and removing the animal and can do so without damaging your property. In Toronto, Swat Wildlife is the answer. They are experts in the humane removal of any wildlife, from raccoons to snakes and more.

Most of us don’t want a wild creature in our home, but we also don’t want to see the animal killed just to get rid of it. A humane wildlife removal company uses safe, effective removal methods that don’t harm the animal and which ensure no wildlife remains behind in your home.

If possible, get estimates for the removal from several companies. Most wildlife removal companies will come to your home and provide a quote for performing the wildlife removal. Ask about their removal methods and what happens to the animal. Insist the company use humane techniques and not kill the animal unless it is absolutely necessary.

You will also want the wildlife removal company to identify where the animals entered your home. Most will provide animal-exclusion or proofing services so the situation doesn’t happen again. Ask about their guarantee and what happens if the animal enters your home again.

In Toronto, one of the primary nuisance animals is raccoons. These nocturnal scavengers can do substantial property damage and cause a mess if they get into your home. While some may think raccoons are cute, they are actually very smart and industrious. They are experts at finding their way into attics and will often create entrance holes right through the exterior walls.

Once a raccoon is in your attic, they will chew on the insulation and wiring and can nest in the air ducts. Raccoons can also gain entrance to a home through an unguarded chimney. They especially like these dark, secluded areas to nest and have their babies

Another common wildlife invader is the brown bat. These small creatures can find their way into your home through a variety of openings. They are so small that they can fit through a vent or a damaged attic window. One of the problems with bats is they usually don’t invade a home individually. Instead, before you know it you’ll have a colony of bats in your attic. These little mammals can produce some pretty toxic amounts of bat guano or droppings and the smell will soon become overpowering.

Mice are another common pest problem in our area. They like to move indoors when the weather gets cold and will nest in all sorts of places. You can find them in kitchen cabinets, in garages, and in attics.

Swat Wildlife are the wildlife animal control experts in the Toronto area. Their professionals are trained in humane wildlife removal and will seal your home so the problem doesn’t happen again.