Tips For Using And Maintaining Your Hunting Crossbow

Hunter With Crossbow

Owning a hunting crossbow and knowing how to use it correctly are two very different things. There are a number of tips that you need to know to get the most out of your hunting crossbow. These tips, and thisĀ onĀ, will ensure that you are never caught unaware by issues with your crossbow.

Always Use A Cocking Device

Most people who use a hunting crossbow will use a cocking device. However, it is important to note that this is mostly a matter of convenience. It can be very difficult to pull back the 150-pound draw weight that your crossbow has even for the most powerful of crossbow users. However, it is not only the convenience that you need to consider when using a cocking device.

This device will also increase or maintain the accuracy of your shots. It is impossible to pull the bowstring back the same way twice when you do it manually. When you draw the bowstring manually you could have more tension on one side and this will cause the bolt to veer when you shoot it. A cocking device ensures that the bowstring is drawn in the same way each time.

Always Protect Your Strings

The string of your crossbow is one of the most important components and you need to protect it. It is important that you regularly check the string for wear because dirt can cause friction and this will increase the wear. It is also a good idea to transport and store your crossbow in a case to reduce the amount of dirt and dust that accumulates on the string.

To protect your string you also need to look at lubricating your rail. It is recommended that you lubricate the rail after every 15 to 20 shots to prolong the life of your string. You should use a rail lube on the rail, but you need to be careful to not over-lubricate. When you over-lubricate the rail this can cause saturation and this will shorten the life of the string. You should never use wax or petroleum jelly on the serving as this will collect dirt.

Replace The Cables And Strings When Necessary

The cables and strings of your crossbow will need to be replaced eventually. The only problem is determining when you need to replace these parts. You should look at replacing your cables and strings as soon as you see any fraying or excessive wear. You should pay particular attention to the center serving because this could cause problems for your string and cables.

If the center serving is separated and exposing the string it could cause breakage during a shot. If the serving is separated you should replace the cable, string and draw cords. You should also look at replacing these items each year whether they are worn or not. If you do not use your crossbow frequently then you should replace them every 3 to 4 years whether they are worn or not.